OGF Bayern Map v2.0

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OGF Bayern Map v2.0 scenery

OGF Bayern Map v2.0 town

OGF Bayern Map v2.0 field

This is an awesome, big and good looking map mod with 27 fields. The whole village exists in real life so the creators tried to replicate the map as closely to real life as possible.

The map has a BGA, mixer station, pigs mod, water mod, feed stock, wool pallets mod and some others. You will also find a country trade place, restaurant, warehouse and a sheep farm.

FSM Team, Marhu, Buchhauer, Frisco0177, Atze1978, Lila_Lion02 and Marc85.

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OGF Bayern Map v2.0, 4.3 out of 5 based on 10 ratings